Why Iceland Should Be Your Top Travel Destination

Natural Beauty and Stunning Sights

Iceland is full of amazing natural wonders, perfect for travelers looking to explore the great outdoors. From stunning waterfalls to ancient glaciers, there are plenty of incredible sights to see. Stroll on vast black sand beaches, hike up rugged mountains or soak in natural hot springs. The air in Iceland is always fresh, both from ocean breezes blowing inland and the lack of pollution in our small island nation. What´s more, Icelandic water is among the cleanest and healthiest in the world.

Photo by Ingibjorg Fridriksdottir

Explore, Relax, and Indulge

Photo by Asa Steinars

Ready to hit the road again? Iceland offers unlimited adventure and opportunities for relaxation. You can experience gourmet dining at our Rangá Restaurant or take a dip in one of our hot tubs with stunning views of the Rangá River. Grab a drink with your buddies at our well-stocked bar and relax in our upstairs lounge that has views of the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier and impressive Hekla volcano. Or sip your drink as you play pool in our game room and watch the light slowly fade into a golden haze of perpetual dusk – remember, the Icelandic summer sun stays bright late into the night.

Photo by Robb Leahy

Wide Open Spaces

Our island home is filled with ethereal beauty and invigorating adventure. The rugged coastline is covered with volcanic black sands and dramatic rock formations that rise from the sea, perfectly sculpted by nature itself. It is no surprise that many television shows and movies are filmed on our shores. Route 1 or the Ring Road runs around the coast, connecting most of the country. As you drive, a quick stop will take you into another world as you find yourself beside an immense waterfall, a mysterious volcanic crater, or lush fields filled with Icelandic horses of every color.

Rugged Adventure Awaits

Photo by Ingibjorg Fridriksdottir

Icelanders are known for their independence and drive, and our top leisure activities are sure to give you a taste of that hardy spirit. Experienced guides can take you up to the top of the nearby glacier-volcano Eyjafjallajökull, the very same that erupted in 2010. Drive a snowmobile or take a glacier hike across the ice and catch breathtaking views across the south coast, all the way to the Westman Islands. A buggy tour will give you the chance to zoom across black sand beaches, or why not take a horseback ride across fields covered with blooming wildflowers. There is something for everyone, and our dedicated reception staff will help you to plan the perfect daytime adventures.

Northern Lights Season is Coming

Photo by Saevar Helgi

Iceland´s never-ending summer nights are enchanting, but the coming autumn will bring a different sort of magic. We have passed the summer solstice which means that the nights are slowly getting darker. September first marks the start of Northern Lights season – when the sky is finally dark enough to spot the glowing green and purple lights of the aurora borealis dancing across the horizon. The sight of a solar storm moving across the heavens is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Located deep in the Icelandic countryside far from any major towns, Hotel Rangá is the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of this marvelous natural phenomenon.

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