Tips for eco-friendly tourism in Iceland

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Here at Hotel Rangá we see a growing interest in eco-friendly tourism among our guests. Many want tips on how to be a responsible guest while in Iceland so we thought we’d provide a few:

1. Drink straight from the tab

This one is a no brainer - Icelandic water is among the cleanest in the world. Bottled water is an unnecessary expense and the plastic bottles harm the environment. Drinking from the tab is a win-win! You can learn more about the wondrous qualities of Icelandic water here.

2. Stay on marked paths when driving

It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland. Make sure to always stay on roads and marked trails as cars can leave permanent wounds in the fragile landscape. Icelandic nature is much better enjoyed on foot anyway - a true adventure includes feeling the elements on your skin and under your feet.

The Icelandic cod is served with with roasted bell pepper & tomato salsa, gremolata, crispy potatoes and red pesto.

3. Buy local

It is almost impossible to only buy local 100% of the time in Iceland as much of our food items and most of our clothing is imported. Ordering local dishes at restaurants, such as Icelandic lamb or seafood, is a great start. Buying souvenirs that are actually made in Iceland also helps as they have a smaller carbon footprint. We especially recommend Icelandic wool sweaters and socks. Learn more here.

4. Carry small reusable bags for trash

There aren’t many trash cans stashed in the highlands or even by Route one for that matter. It’s a good idea to carry a small reusable trash bag in your backpack and then safely dispose of your trash in a bin or hand it over to Hotel Rangá’s reception staff.

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5. Plant trees

Donating to the Kolviður fund is a great way to compensate for emissions made through travel. You can use their carbon calculator to figure out how many trees it would take to carbon offset your travel, be it by plane, boat or car. When you make a donation to the fund Kolviður’s staff and volunteers plant the trees.

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