Piece of (birthday) Cake

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Hotel Rangá is turning 20 this year. For the past few months we have celebrated by giving our social media followers (and some lucky radio listeners) special treats, but something’s been missing. What’s a birthday without some cake?

That’s why we have added a very special birthday cake to our menu. It’s called Hnallþóra, we named it in English Housewife's pride, and it’s a traditional Icelandic sponge cake with whipped cream and fruits. Hnallþóra’s are thick and rich – juicy even – and often heavily decorated. Their name derives from the 1968 novel Under the Glacier by Halldór Laxness, where Þóra, who bakes such cakes, earns the nickname Hnall-Þóra (e. Pestle-Þóra) for how fierce she is with a pestle and mortar.

We are pretty excited about our Hnallþóra and will be blowing out the candles during a special celebration on Iceland’s first official day of summer, April 25th. Until then, you can find it on our dessert menu any time you are feeling a little festive.

Why did we choose Hnallþóra? Simply because it's Friðrik's, the owner of Hotel Rangá, favourite cake.

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