Just look up! A gorgeous display of aurora at Hotel Rangá

To an onlooker, the scene last night at Hotel Rangá could have seemed like an emergency evacuation. Guests came running out of their hotel rooms with staff guiding them to the exits, while diners left their tables at the restaurant in a hurry.

Yesterdays aurora show (07.10.18). Picture by Sævar Helgi Bragason.

Why all this commotion? But of course, the northern lights were out!

“They were incredibly beautiful,” hotelier Friðrik Pálsson says of the Sunday display.

“They showed up quite early, around 9 pm and kept appearing through the night. The restaurant had been filled with diners, but servers did their best to make sure the meals were still warm when the guests returned.”

Forecasts show high probability of visible aurora in the coming days.

The lights often appear to the north but last night, they were directly above the hotel, meaning the guests could enjoy them on the porch, in the hot tubs or even down by the river. As per usual, all lights outside the hotel were turned off so that the aurora could be enjoyed in absolute darkness.

According to Friðrik, the beauty of the northern lights in the absolute dark sky “took everyone’s breath away.”

The aurora also graced guests with its presence on Friday night. According to our records the aurora comes out over Hotel Rangá every third evening or so on average.

Forecasts show high probability of visible aurora in the coming days but such forecasts should be read in combination with forecasts for cloud cover.

Consult our front desk for further information on the weather and the northern lights in the coming week.

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