In Love with Iceland

The natural beauty of Iceland’s incredible landscape has made it a number 1 destination for couples looking for a wedding venue out of this world.

Photograph by Neil Thomas Douglas

Not only does Iceland offers the most photogenic backdrop for any wedding but it also provides a magical setting for a honeymoon. Many couples combine destination wedding ceremonies with romantic, yet, adventure-packed honeymoons.There are many airline providers making regular flights to Reykjavik so couples from around the globe are choosing Iceland for their special day.

The key to organising a wedding in Iceland is to designate a wedding planner or select a hotel which is experienced in wedding organisation for overseas guests. The legal requirements are unique to Iceland and it is important that your wedding is planned well in advance.

Hotel Rangá’s wedding planner makes getting married in Iceland simple. There are many venue choices for the ceremony located within a short drive of Hotel Rangá, each of which offers wonderful opportunities for photography.

For religious ceremonies, Oddi Church stands just ten minutes from Hotel Rangá and is on one of the oldest church sites in Iceland. The current church was built in 1924 and offers an intimate and romantic setting with a panoramic landscape.

Church Oddi, in the fields of the Rangá, is a major historic site. It is one of the oldest church sites in Iceland.

A popular outdoor venue is Gluggafoss which lies in a hidden valley called Fljótshlíð. Fljótshlíð was the home of Gunnar in Hlíðarendi, one of the most memorable characters in Njáls Saga, a famous historic Icelandic Saga.

Gluggafoss is unique for its three arches, which look like windows formed from water falling down the soft cliffs. From Gluggafoss there are beautiful views over the Eyjafjallajökull Glacier.

The Rangá River is a great location for a wedding. Photo by Gunnar Freyr

Another natural location is on the banks of the River Rangá, just a few steps from the hotel. The River Rangá offers a tranquil setting in the heart of the countryside with stunning views of the Mt. Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull, Þríhyrningur (an extinct volcano) and the Westman Islands in the distance.

If you are planning a wedding, honeymoon or a combination of the two, Iceland offers couples the opportunity to be truly surrounded by the beauty of nature at its most spectacular.

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