Iceland, true to its DNA

Lucas Raven is a Filipino-Lebanese American TV personality turned social media sensation. He stayed at Hotel Rangá this past winter and says Iceland has always been on his bucket list.

“What I love about Iceland is that it is true to its DNA. It’s not trying to be anything else, but Iceland. I see the country as a barefoot-luxury destination, if anything,”Raven says. „It’s not trying to be a cosmopolitan, or a “fancy schmancy” place to be. It’s fine being bare and exposed to its own raw beauty.”

Raven says he loved the location of Hotel Rangá, calling it the embodiment of serenity. He stayed in the Australia suite but says the restaurant was the highlight of his stay.

“Oh my goodness, the mushroom soup is the winner! Every single dish on the menu was done to perfection but what stood out for me was the mushroom soup. Like I wanted a straw so I could drink it. Yum yum yum!”

His enthusiasm for the soup didn’t lessen his appetite for the main course though.

“The steak was sublime, melts in your mouth, like butter and honey.”

As if the lights were dancing

“I got to see the Northern lights for the first time, and boy, it was glorious! It was as if the lights were dancing. I got a call from the front desk saying the lights are out, and so I immediately put on my coat and rushed to open the door of my suite’s balcony. There they were, just showing off for us to marvel over their magic.”

Lucas Raven relaxing in our geothermal hot tubs after an adventure filled day.

Raven ended up staying outside until the lights finished their dance. He calls it an absolute must-have experience but also highly recommends horseback riding.

“Perhaps next time I’ll try skiing in the northern side of the country. I heard there’s skiing in Iceland and I can’t wait to come back, he says.

“I love how Hotel Rangá encourages their guests to experience these activities that will, not only mark your bucket list, but also the soul. Hands down, a destination in itself.”

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The Game Room at Hotel Rangá

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