Iceland in November: Rangá Recommends

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Late sunrises and lower temperatures can only mean one thing – November is here! It's the time of year when autumn slowly turns into winter and we expectantly await our first snowfall.

Picture by Ása Steinarsdóttir

The air is crisp and clear, perfect for a bracing walk on a black sand beach followed by a steaming mug of coffee. Make sure to pack warm jackets, mittens, and hats for your daytime adventures—they just might come in handy for a late-night glimpse of the Northern Lights. We´ve recently seen some amazing shows of green and pink lights twirling bright against the starry night sky.

Iceland in November

  • Keep in mind that the days are getting shorter, so good planning is key.

  • Longer nights mean more time to enjoy the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights.

  • Roads can be slippery, so be careful while walking and driving.


  • Average high temperatures approx. 4°C (37°F).

  • Average low temperatures approx. 1°C (34°F).

  • Dress warm and expect rain.

  • 42% chances of snowfall, but accumulation is unlikely.


  • November 1st: Approx. 8 hours of daylight.

  • November 30th: Approx. 5 hours of daylight.

The Ride of Your Life

Have you ever zoomed across the ancient ice of a volcano-glacier on a snowmobile? It's the perfect time of year to take a ride on the nearby Eyjafjallajökull glacier—the very same that erupted in April 2010. Trained guides lead you across the glacier, ensuring your safety at every turn. On a clear day, your ride will include sweeping views over the highlands, the coastline, and even the Westman Islands.

Icelandic Suite Launched

The Icelandic Suite has finally launched! Walk inside and you will spot traditional Icelandic design and luxe finishes, like a dramatic bathtub in the middle of the suite lined with columnar basalt and covered with pebbles from a black sand beach. The most exciting feature is the rotating dining/living room, which allows guests to see views of the Rangá River both at the breakfast table and while sipping wine on the couch at night.

New Wild Game and Cocktail Menus

Our new Wild Game Menu will be available throughout the month of November.

Goose breast with potato purée, beetroots, mushrooms and blue cheese sauce. Picture: Ása Steinarsdóttir.

The seasonal menu features hearty autumnal fare to celebrate the traditional Icelandic hunting season. What's more, we just revamped our cocktail menu - be sure to mosey on over to the bar before dinner. Our personal favorite? The Purple Highlander - a refreshing mix of gin, crowberry liqueur, tonic water, and lime.

Christmas Lights, Burning Bright

Because Christmas falls over the darkest period of the year, Icelanders take holiday merrymaking to the next level. Nothing better encapsulates the season than the decadent tradition of jólahlaðborð, or Christmas buffet. These holiday feasts overflow with flavorful Icelandic delicacies and often feature troubadours singing traditional songs late into the night. Icelanders also celebrate by decorating their homes with cheerful Christmas and advent lights that shine bright during the long winter nights. The local towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur will be having a special lighting ceremony on the last weekend of November.

Hotel Rangá´s annual Christmas Buffet will be served on the following weekends:

29th-30th of November

6th-7th of December

13th-14th of December

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