Good Health and Skál

Iceland’s extreme weather conditions and dark winter months often call for a little ‘reviver’. After many chilly hours working outdoors or traveling long distances across the challenging terrain, Icelanders like nothing better than a warming pick-me-up.

There are many intriguing and some more unnerving drinks to choose from, with most drawing their character and flavour from natural plants and traditional ingredients. Some of these intriguing tipples pack a mighty Viking strength punch, so take it easy, or at least make sure you have a soft moss covered landing nearby.

Here are some of the most popular drinks of choice:

Brennivín: Brennivín - An unsweetened schnapps seasoned with caraway, cumin, and wild angelica. Brennivín has a very distinct taste and is normally a staggering 80 proof.

Birkir: Birch schnapps, 35% ABV, it has an earthy aroma with a slightly bitter and herbal taste.

Björk: Birch liqueur, a sweet, warming liquor with a hint of birch in the after taste

Brenyolver: A high quality Icelandic gin with a unique taste of Arctic thyme, angelica seeds and the more traditional juniper berries.

Topas: A liquor made with a mixture of herbs and liquorice. A very sweet, fortified drink that also has a cough linctus flavour.

Reyka Vodka: The water used to make Reyka comes from a 4,000-year-old lava field. The taste is smooth and warm with just a touch of vanilla.

Vísi Gísli: A smooth aquavit made from pure Icelandic spring water, dill, caraway, coriander, lime peel and timian.

Lava Smoked Imperial Stout: A full bodied, pitch black beer with a sweet chocolate and roasted malt flavour. A strong, sturdy beer from Ölvisholt microbrewery.

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