April 2019 - Rangá Recommends

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Just when you think spring is around the corner, it starts snowing again. Funnily enough, a cold spell around easter or páskahret as we call it is one of the signpost of the slightly warmer days to come.

At Hotel Rangá, we embrace the last traces of winter. We only have so many nights left to stargaze before the luminous midnight sun takes over so we are using them well. Here are some other things we recommend for the month of April:

A Taste of Something different

We love exploring Icelandic micro-breweries, especially the seasonal beers that often include unexpected influences. For this easter season, we have taken in the easter beer from Ölvisholt on tab: a chocolate stout! It has a smooth, dark chocolate taste with notes of coffee and vanilla, perfect for a taste of something different whether you have spent the day exploring the highlands or relaxing in our hot tubs.

“Nobody becomes an unbeaten bishop”

The Sweetest Hunt

On Easter Sunday, Icelanders eat chocolate and lots of it - usually in the form of patterned chocolate eggs filled with candy. Icelandic Easter eggs are a bit like fortune cookies, as they usually carry Icelandic proverbs that have to be read before the egg’s owner digs in.

At Hotel Rangá, we celebrate Easter Sunday by hiding chocolate eggs around the premises and putting on an easter egg hunt. If you find one, feel free to ask our staff to translate the proverb for you - but they might have a hard time. For example, the direct translation of a proverb about not having success without adversity would be “Nobody becomes an unbeaten bishop”. You see our problem?

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