A wild ride for summer

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

X-Treme nature calls for X-Treme buggy's. So reads one of Buggy X-TREME ICELAND’s main slogans and frankly, it’s not wrong.

X-Treme nature calls for X-Treme buggy's

Icelandic nature is gorgeous but fierce. It takes powerful vehicles to traverse it, especially when it comes to those hidden treasures in the highlands. Buggy’s can travel places where regular cars can’t go, all the while offering the safety of a seatbelt and an overhead cage, gliding in comfort over hills, rocks and obstacles on Iceland's most challenging terrain.

According to owner and tour guide, Fjalar Kristjánsson, offering the off-road experience in comfort and small groups is what sets Buggy X-TREME apart.

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“I only have three cars so there are only five people on each trips. It’s all very small and personal,” Fjalar says. Fjalar started the company last summer and so far, the buggies have gotten rave reviews.

“Even if people have been on safaris and the like, they have never experienced anything like this before,” he says. When asked about his favorite adventures he has a hard time choosing just one.

“Going down to the black sand beach at Þykkvabæjarfjara is a brand new experience every time as the sands are ever changing. And driving up to the highlands can feel like visiting the moon!”

While buggy tours are available all year round, the summer is the perfect time to take on places in the highlands such as Landmannalaugar, which isn’t accessible during winter.

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