A Festive Feast

Savour the fabulous flavours of Iceland’s traditional Christmas buffet.

One of the most memorable experiences for travellers visiting Iceland in mid-winter must be the glorious and somewhat gluttonous celebration buffet. The shorter days mean that more activities and festivities take place indoors and these indulgent winter buffets certainly feed the body and soul.

The Christmas buffet in Iceland is by nature big, bold and bountiful and Hotel Rangá’s buffets are no exception. Laden with hearty fayre and overflowing with flavour, they are a mouthwatering sight to behold.

Begin gently with a spicy glass of jólaglögg (mulled wine) and then get settled for a long evening. Start off with a fish or mushroom soup then move onto the heartier delicacies such as platters of smoked and cured meats and fish; duck, goose, lamb, reindeer, salmon, trout and herring are all classic ingredients.

Sample classic caramel glazed potatoes, delicious pates, and rich flavoursome sauces.

If you have conquered the numerous Icelandic savoury specialties then finish off with sweet homemade cakes, desserts, cheeses and fruits.

Accompanied by live music, Rangá’s festive feasts are held every Friday and Saturday in December.

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