The hidden highlands

The hidden highlands

The gateway to an uninhabited and unspoilt land


Head to Iceland’s Highlands this winter and experience some of the region’s most dramatic scenery. If you are touring the region and looking to go deep into the heart of this wild and enthralling landscape, then you must head to the Interior Highland. A gateway to a heartstoppingly beautiful part of Iceland, the Highland offers travelers the opportunity to seriously get away from everything and see the extreme contrasts of this bold natural environment. Just under two hours from Hotel Rangá you will find the Highland Center Hrauneyjar, situated at the edge of the country’s most impressive and active volcanic area. It is the last stop before entering the vast and untouched interior of Iceland. This is the prime location from which to base yourself as the Highland Center Hrauneyjar not only offers excellent accommodation, it also has a very good restaurant and better still, all of your activities and excursions can be organised from there. The Highland Center Hrauneyjar is close to many of the most beautiful and popular attractions in The Highland – including Landman-nalaugar, Þjórsárdalur, Mount Hekla, Sprengisandur, Veidivötn and Fjallabak. The vastness and lack of human impact on the surrounding area makes it one of the last places in Europe where freedom, natural beauty and solitude work in harmony.

Although an experienced driver can safely travel around the interior we recommend that for a once in a life time experience you hire a local guide who will take you to some of the wildest and most spectacular locations. Most of them are only accessible by 4×4 or some can only be reached by those with local knowledge and good 4×4 driving experience.

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